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I Training Objective

It aims to cultivate teachers with basic theory, knowledge and skill of geography, who can be engaged in geography teaching and research. It also trains high quality practical talents who works on research and management in enterprises of land and resources development, environment protection, urban and rural planning, geological minerals, agriculture and forestry, economics, etc. After graduation, the students can have further education abroad or take the postgraduate enrolling examination of geography or related majors.


II  Second  Length of schooling and Credit

Length of Schooling: 4 years

Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Science

Total Period: 2296

Total Credits: 175

III  Main Courses

1Major Compulsory Courses

Higher Mathematics(1)

Higher Mathematics(2)

Linear Algebra

Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

General Physics

Introduction to the Planet Earth

Introduction to Geographical Science

Meteorology and Climatology




Soil Geography


Hydrology and Water Resources

Geographic Information Systems

Introduction to Remote Sensing

Human Geography

Economic Geography

Chinese Geography

World Geography

Regional Analysis and Regional Geography

Comprehensive Physical Geography

Geography Teaching Theory

Graduation ThesisDesign

Graduation Internship

Field Practice for Geology and Geomorphology

Field Practice for Biology and Soil

Practice of Weather and Climate

Field Practice of Hydrology and Water Resources

Field General Practice of Physical Geography

General Practice of Human Geography

General Practice of Specialty Foundation

2Major Elective Courses

Summary of Environment Science

Quaternary Environment


Principle and Applications of Satellite Position

Introduction to Resources Science

Environmental Monitoring

Quantitative Geography

Urban Geography

History of Geography Ideas

Natural Disaster

Environment Evolution

Global Change