Human Geography& Urban and Rural Planning
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I Training Objectives

It aims to cultivate high-quality and innovative talents with a good mastery of the basic theories and methods of Human Geography & Urban and Rural Planning, and skills to design and plan the development of medium and small towns as well as the municipal projects. They can take up an occupation of design and management in urban and rural construction, garden planning, land and resources administration, environment protection, real estate development, etc. After graduation, the students can have further education abroad or take the postgraduate enrolling examination of Human Geography, Land Resource Management, Ecology, Economics and Management of Agriculture or other related majors.

  II  Second  Length of schooling and Credit

  Length of Schooling: 4 years

  Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Science

  Total Period: 2286

  Total Credits: 182

  III  Main Courses

1Major Compulsory Courses

Higher Mathematics(1)

Higher Mathematics(2)

Linear Algebra

Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

General Physics


Geographic Information Systems

Introduction to Remote Sensing

Human Geography

Fundamentals of City Planning

Regional Analysis and Planning

General City Planning

traffic planning

Regulatory Plan

Agricultural Garden Planning

CAD-Computer Aided Design

Graduation ThesisDesign

Graduation Internship

General Practice of Human Geography

Regional and Urban-Country Planning

2Major Elective Courses


Agriculture Ecology

Regulation and Management of Urban and Rural Planning

Summary of Environment Science

Economic Geography

Resources Environment Planning and the Management

Introduction to Resources Science

Environmental Monitoring

Urban Geography

Introduction to Geographical Science