Our delegation visited University of the Highlands and Islands, UK
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On Oct. 23, 2013, dean of the College of Resources and Environment of Linyi UniversityLYU, Prof. Shen Hongyuan and Pro. Zhao Xingyun, visited University of the Highlands and Islands, UK, (UHI).

Ms. Dolores, officer of International Exchange Center of UHI  met the delegation. Ms Dolores introduced the basic situation of the UHI, especially the development of international students. Prof.Shen introduced the basic situation of LYU to Ms. Dolores etc. He emphasized that LYU had been working hard in developing cooperation with foreign universities recent years.

The delegation also visited the Director of UHI Mountain Studies Center-- Prof. Martin Price, the Nobel Prize winner, a famous international mountains expert.

Prof. Martin Price introduced to the delegation the study of mountain ecological environment dynamic, and presented some research results to the delegation. Prof. Shen also introduced the present situation of natural geography subject study in LYU to Prof. Martin, and sounded a visit invitation to Prof. Martin. Prof. Martin said that he would visit LYU next year in May.