Visiting Professor Jef Vandenberghe from Free University of Amsterdam
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At the invitation of Environment and Resource College, the professor Jef Vandenberghe from School of Health and Earth Sciences, Free University of Amsterdam, visited our college on September 8.

Jef Vandenberghe is an internationally renowned sedimentologist and climatologist of the Fourth Glaciers. At present, he is cooperating with China on research work, like the evolution of river geomorphology and the eolian deposition of Loess Plateau, etc.

During the visit, Jef Vandenberghe made two academic reports titled “Principles of processes and external forcing in Fluvial systems”and“Fluvial environments and their evolution in time”.

During his visit, Jef Vandenberghe had wide academic exchanges with postgraduates and academic backbones who introduced their new studies to him. They both reached a preliminary agreement strengthen cooperation on academic exchanges, international academic conferences, graduate programs and so on.