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      Physical Geography—The Key Discipline of the Twelfth Five Year Plan in Shandong

Physical Geography is the key construction discipline of the Twelfth Five Year Plan and the training base for postgraduates in Shandong. It has some research platforms like “Shandong Key Laboratory for Water and Soil Conservation and Environment Protection”, “Shandong Cooperative Research Center for Testing Technology of Sedimentary Environment between China and Netherlands”, “Geology and Paleontology Key Laboratory for Shandong Office of Land and Resources” and so on. The teaching team of Physical Geography is the “Excellent Teaching Team in Shandong”, with current staffing of 35 of which 8 are professors, 12 are associate professors, and 27 people have their doctor’ s degree who mainly graduate from Nanjing University, Lanzhou University, Shandong University, Nanjing Normal University and relative institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. The staff has a good educational background. Three research orientations have been formed which are environmental evolution and human activities, aeolian deposit and climate change, and the source pollution and control of mountain areas. Since 2010, it has participated in many research programs, 25 funded by National Natural Science Foundation, and 20 funded by Shandong Nature and Science Fund, Shandong Technology Foresight Program as well as Research Award for  Excellent Young and Mid-career Scientists in Shandong. There are 32 entrusted projects from the local area and enterprises, with the total expenditure of 12.83 million Yuan. The teaching team has got some remarkable results in aeolian deposit of Shandong, the channel and ancient floods evolution of Yi River and Shu River Basins, the tree rings and climate change of Yimeng Mountains, the soil erosion and non-point source pollution control of Yimeng Mountains, and evolution of birds in the Mesozoic, etc. Besides, it has published more than 200 papers in journals at home and abroad, with 5 published in the journals Science and Nature. It has also published 5 monographs, won 6 achievement awards above provincial level, and established 6 model courses at provincial level.