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The College of Resources and Environment of Linyi University has experienced five phases which are Department of Geography (Linyi College of Education, 1984, Linyi Normal Training College, 1988), Geography and Tourism Department ( Linyi Normal University, 2000), Geography and Tourism College (Linyi Normal University, 2006) Chemistry and Resources & Environment College (Linyi Normal University, 2009) and Resources & Environment College ( Linyi University, 2011). With geographical science as the body, it contains environmental studies, science of surveying and mapping, urban and rural planning, and many related disciplines, which embodies comprehensive advantages of cross-disciplines like arts, science and engineering.
    The college has 5 undergraduate majors: geographical science, physical geography and environmental resources, human geography and urban and rural planning, environmental engineering, surveying and mapping engineering, and one master degree—physical geography. The college consists of three departments—Department of Geography, Department of Environment, Department of Surveying and Mapping, and one research institution—City & Town Planning & Designing Institute. Physical Geography is the key construction discipline of the Twelfth Five Year Plan and the training base for postgraduates in Shandong. It has “Shandong Key Laboratory for Water& Soil Conservation and Environment Protection”, “Shandong Cooperative Research Center for Testing Technology of Sedimentary Environment between China and Netherlands” and “Geology and Paleontology Key Laboratory for Shandong Office of Land and Resources”. Geographical Science is the provincial characteristic discipline. Geographical Science and Environmental Engineering are the key specialties supported by “Characteristic Elite Universities” in Shandong. By now it has established 6 high-quality curriculums of provincial level and 10 school-level high-quality curriculums.
    After 30 years of construction, the college has existing faculty of 48 persons, of which 8 are professors, 12 are associate professors, 27 are persons with doctor’s degree, 17 are with master’s degree and 11 are master tutors. Among them, there is one distinguished professor of the first grade, and 4 professors of the third grade. The teaching team of physical geography is the “Excellent Teaching Team” in Shandong. There forms a teaching team with abundant excellent teachers, reasonable specialty structure, high-level education and powerful research abilities. Since 2009, the teachers have published more than 200 papers in journals at home and abroad, with 5 published in the journals Science and Nature, published 5 monographs, achieved 8 national patents, and got 22 research awards above municipal and departmental level. There are 74 scientific research projects, of which 22 are National Natural Science Foundation, with the total expenditure of 12.83 million Yuan.
    The college has good school conditions and excellent facilities, and the experiment center of resources and environment is the experimental teaching demonstration center of Linyi University. Many field practice bases are built in Nanjing, Qingdao, Tyan, Linyi and son on.
    In recent years, the college around the theme of “enhancement of connotation” has formed a complete talent training system, which practices two educational projects “cultivation with revolutionary spirit” and “cultivation for international perspective”. It has a good teaching and study style. The students are greatly appraised by the employers due to their high quality and strong capability. In recent years, the college graduates who succeed in exams for postgraduate schools have kept about 40%, and the first employment rate is above 90%. The college has been “Advanced Scientific Unit”, “Advanced Unit for Postgraduate Examination”, “High-Quality Employment Advanced Unit” and so on for three years.